Nergal, umjubelter Frontmann der polnischen Black/Death Metaller BEHEMOTH hat am vergangenen Wochenende sein Bühnen-Comeback eingeläutet. Am 6. Mai stand er im Mega Club in Katowice, Polen nicht mit seinen BEHEMOTH-Kollegen auf den Brettern, die die Welt bedeuten, sondern mit Carl McCoy & FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. Dies stellt Nergals ersten öffentlichen Auftritt seit dessen Rückenmarkstransplantation vor einigen Monaten dar.

Nergal kommentiert:

“I just came off stage…Katowice, Poland. It was my first performance after the transplant. I don’t remember when the last time I was THAT nervous. First of all, I had to join one of my favorite bands ever, true legends, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM… secondly, I’m still not 100% in shape so I didn’t know how my body would react. I would risk saying I’m maybe 60% of what I used to be… but still progressing! Anyway, We did a song “Penetration” together with Carl McCoy and Co. What a blast I have to tell you. I had a serious adrenaline rush and it was such a boost of energy I can’t even describe. My mouth dried out after 30 seconds so I could hardly breathe but the energy wouldnft let me stop. I was carried away. The moment I saw the crowd, I felt this double bass pounding underneath my feet… I was in trance. I’m counting days ’til we come back with Behemoth full time. 5 months to go…huh.”

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